Sandra Cross Choir

Welcome to The Sandra Cross Choir

SCC is a musical experience and journey. I embrace it as a way to share our visions and inspirations in a unique way. It will provide an opportunity for my fans and audience to explore who I am and aim to be. A chance for them to also share their expressions in music form. 

SCC is not just a choir. It’s an expression of life and its ever-changing challenges and emotions, depicted through song. I believe that each of us has an abundance of hidden talent somewhere inside of us to express this.

When you join SCC you will join a family of people who not only share the same musical and social interests but also the same appreciation and love not just for my songs, but for music as a whole.

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Expert direction

Not only by Sandra but also by our trained and knowledgeable choir leaders.

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Weekly rehearsals

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Inclusion to many

FREE events, performances & concerts

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Vocal Training, Songwriting

Studio Recording Production & support

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Unlimited access

To any of our choir sessions

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Full access

To our website with an exclusive members area


Check out some of our frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to join?

Not at all. Enthusiasm and commitment are all you need.

I do not have a musical background

That is not a problem. Copies of the songs we work on will be available to you in audio format for you to practice at home.

I sing as a hobby, I do not consider myself a good singer

With time, your confidence will grow, and you will discover that you DO have a voice. It’s just that it is amazingly unique to you, and to who you are.

Can I bring others along to witness the rehearsals and possibly as support?

You can bring other people along if they want to join in person otherwise you can only bring one person if it is just to accompany you to give support

Would the repertoire include sections of individual singing?

Sandra and her team write and compose most of the songs so that we all can sing together.