Sandra Cross Choir

Patrick Cross

Patrick's Story

Most of the Cross family inspiration and talent came from being born to musical parents’

Patrick’s experience with choirs came from being a Choir Director and solo Gospel artist for many years performing all around the UK and the US.. Working alongside greats such as songstress Mica Paris, the late great Jessie Dixon, The Angelic Voice Choir. Patrick also collaborated with the likes of The London Gospel Community Choir, just to mention a few. Being an accomplished pianist gave him the opportunity to perform with music artists all over the world as well as the UK.

Patrick says:

‘When it comes to my sister I would describe myself as her ‘biggest’ fan! Therefore the idea to form this fantastic and powerful project was not rocket science at all! I am so proud to be one of her 7 brothers”, he says, “The talent of being able to hear and produce such unique harmonies is just another one of her many talents, of which I believe as well as her accomplishments in the industry, should also be shared to the world. Looking forward to working alongside her on this project”.